Before choosing a wordpress theme, there are things you need to consider to avoid breakdown of your website.

Your website is a digital storehouse of your business and it’s extremely important that you joke with it. From the choosing the web-hosting, domain name,theme and plugins, you just have to try as much as possible to get it right and active.

I understand it’s very tough choosing a theme since there are numerous wordpress theme readily available that you can always choose from. With both free and premium theme across the web, there are also negative recommendations out there that can pull down your entire website.

Before choosing a theme for your website, there are so many things to consider. As the years goes by, technology changes and there are so many themes that do not meet to present online marketing standard anymore.

It’s important to note that before buying any theme for your website or blog post, you should consider so many factors to ensure there are no poor user experiences on website.

What You Need To Consider

1. Responsiveness is a must

Having a responsive theme is a priority in building your website. Theme responsiveness implies that your website will have to adjust its design to any device in which your audience are viewing it.

Most people access the internet with their iphone, smart phones and tablets more than desktop computers these days, which is the reason why it’s inevitable.

If you don’t want to lose your potential clients, then you need a great looking website that is optimized for mobile browsing and across all other platforms.

Haven’t you noticed that most companies now build mobile friendly themes because they know that the internet no longer use desktop computers , the high usage now is on mobile devices.  This will not only help your business to grow but also it will make your business stay future friendly.

Make sure the theme is not just appealing to the eyes but will be able to convert your web visitors and increase your web traffic.

Note that a lot of website theme will provide a demo sample for you to play before purchase. Don’t fail to put them through the various mobile devices to ensure its adaptive to any of them.

2. Keep it Simple and Neat

Why do you think it’s important to keep your website simple and neat?

First, simple design website loads faster. Studies have shown that the increase in bounce rate of any website is as a result of a website loading very slow. Most of the themes comes with complex images and features and most of them requires so many plugins to ensure the website is running well. All these slow down web speed which in turn results to higher bounce rate.

Secondly, simple websites are easier to maintain and are very accessible. So many themes are difficult and time consuming to maintain when it looks too complex. If you want people to use your website, you need to make it simple and accessible.

Don’t make it so complicated for your user, create features that will make it accessible for any person to enable them stay long while exploring your site.

3. Load Speed

Web Speed is how fast your website responds to web request and it is number one priority when it comes to user experience.

Just for instance, whenever you stumble upon a website that takes forever to load, you will agree with me that there is this expression of anger or frustration within.

When you come across such, do you still stay on the website? Probably not.

The only option is to close the web page. A slow site makes doesn’t only cause anger but also makes you feel insecure and unsafe. It kills conversions by driving people away which in turns drives your sales away.

Fast websites creates happy users and add great value to the site owner itself. If it’s fast, then it must be professional.  Google itself loves site speed. There are lots of information out there on Google, so the faster your site then the better it ranks on SEO.

4. SEO Friendly

The theme you choose for your site can affect SEO along side with the quality of contents you produce.. An SEO friendly WordPress theme makes it much easier for you to rank high especially if you are running a blog.

There are some theme that doesn’t have tags and proper navigation menu. Even though you can still customize your website with any SEO tools, it’s still very important to choose a SEO friendly theme to save yourself time and money.

Here are what to look out for in choosing SEO friendly theme:

  • Look for a theme whose homepage has a site tile in H1 heading and other pages should have H2 headings.
  • Also look out for previous and next post buttons,
  • Check tags, categories and recent post section
  • Well built-in breachcrumbs navigation and clean syntax.
  • Also check if your theme is compatible with all popular browsers and
  • If it is developed by up-to-date coding standards.

So endeavor to check out this features before purchasing your wordpress theme

5. Easy Customization

It’s always fun and easy having a website that can be easily customized and this has to deal with the kind of theme you choose. Bear in mind that theme customization and features vary from one theme to the other.

So before buying any theme, go through the general theme setting and the customization options to see if it allows you to make your own changes that match your needs. You should be able to customize any section of your theme without stress.

Check out the demo versions, and choose theme that are likely to be compatible to page builders incase if you want to extend your web design. Choose a theme that will give you full control and allow you to build your website to your taste.

6. Documentation and Customer Support.

Most times we neglect this feature in choosing a wordpress theme without considering its importance. . Before buying any theme, make sure you ask yourselves these question:

Is there any documentation and tutorials to set up my theme? Any professional theme developer should not lack this.

Is there anyone to attend to you whenever you need assistance?

Some premium themes lack customer support and they hardly update their platform to suit the present changes in line with wordpress. Lack of updates makes theme outdated both visually and functionally.

Check the support platform be it chat bots, call center or email supports to make sure it is active and they don’t hesitate in given out support at any given time.

7. Essential Plugins Support

There are bunch of plugins available in wordpress to help modify your website. In fact, to get the full functionality of your websites, there are some essential plugins you will need to install  that cannot be overemphasize, like email marketing plugin and WP security plugins Yoast SEO etc.  

So it’s important to make sure  your theme supports all plugins that you might need to use in the feature.

8. User Reviews and Rating

Don’t fail to check the reviews and rating sections of the theme you are planning to purchase. This will give you clue on the theme performance by the users.

Focus on how the author responds to bad reviews and if the author gives a detailed explanation for the bad reviews. I recommend buying a theme with an average rating of 4.6 upwards. The higher the reviews and rating, the better.

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